Dr. P.B. JayasunderaDeputy Chairman


Dr.P.B.Jayasundara was a top most Public Financial Management executive in Sri Lanka and commands nearly 40 years of career experience in public sector. He holds a Master Degree in Development Economics from Williams College, USA and PhD from Boston University, USA. Dr.P.B.Jayasundara holds B.A. (Hons) and B.Phil. in Economics from University of Colombo.

Dr.Jayasundara was the Secretary to the Treasury, and to the Ministry of Finance and Planning and has served for 11 years under 2 Presidents in Sri Lanka. He also served 4 years as secretary to the Ministry of Economic Development, 5 years as Chairman, Public Enterprises Reform Commission and 2 years as Chairman, Academy of Financial Studies. He is one of the most eminent and experienced public servants in Sri Lanka.

Dr.P.B.Jayasundara joined the Central Bank of Sri Lanka as an economist in 1976 and was promoted as a Senior Economist in 1984 after his post graduate studies in USA. He served in Economic Research Department of Central Bank of Sri Lanka till mid 1990s. He joined the Ministry of Finance and Planning and held posts of Economic Advisor, Director General of Fiscal Policy and Economic Affairs and Deputy Secretary to the Treasury prior to his appointment as Secretary to the Treasury in 1999.

He has served as a Member of Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Chairman of Sri Lankan Air line, Member of Board of Investment, Sri Lanka Telecom, Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration, Institute of Policy Studies and Finance Commission. He has served as a, Senior Policy advisor to Ernst and Young, Sri Lanka and short term Consultant to the IMF, the World Bank and UNDP on country assignments in VietNam, Lao PDR, Sudan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. At present he also serves as a contractual employee as Public Financial Management Advisor of the Fiscal Affairs Department of the International Monetary Fund.

Dr.P.B.Jayasundara plays a significant role in EIA by giving valuable inputs and knowledge in order to provides the best strategic solutions in the areas of his expertise since he joined EIA in 2015.